About Us

Nimble is a robotics company born out of the artificial intelligence labs at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon. We're building intelligent meta-learning robots that learn diverse real-world manipulation skills from human intuition. Our learning framework enables robots to, for the first time, adapt to changing tasks in changing environments safely alongside humans while handling millions of previously unseen objects.
Today, we provide automated end-to-end piece-picking, sorting, and packing solutions for eCommerce order fulfillment. Unlike conventional automation our robots are simple to install, provide an immediate cost reduction, reduce staffing churn, and boost efficiency in various fulfillment workflows from sorting batch-picked items to induction and picking from an ASRS.
Our systems combine artificial intelligence, computer vision, and remote human-in-the-loop supervision to create smart robots that work from Day 1 and learn to become faster and more versatile every day.

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