Robots that pick and pack anything.®


Picking, Sorting, and Packing.

We provide automated end-to-end piece-picking, sorting, and packing solutions for eCommerce order fulfillment. Our robotic systems can easily be customized for each customer to integrate within existing warehouse infrastructure to provide an immediate cost reduction, reduce staffing churn, and boost efficiency in various fulfillment workflows.

Our systems leverage Nimble's proprietary supervised autonomy technology where our remote support tele-operators can assist our fleet of robots in handling any and all edge cases across millions of SKUs.

About Us

Nimble® was founded from the Artificial Intelligence labs at
Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.

We’re pioneering the way robots learn to grasp and manipulate any object.

Our mission is to enable affordable same-day fulfillment for every eCommerce retailer, large and small. Our robots are capable of picking apparel, electronics, accessories, convenience items, groceries, beauty products, shoes, and more with 99.9% accuracy at 700+ UPH.


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In our blog we explain our thoughts on how to get increasingly intelligent robots deployed in the real world, outside of factories. We cite a lot of cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence research from academia and industry and we outline some of the principles behind how we think about the evolution of artificial intelligence! (The illustrations below are of research from institutions who are not affiliated with Nimble®)


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